In every business there is dangerous or criminal individuals that try to make money or steal from the innocent average client. RR is doing all in it's power to fight fraud attempts and protect our customers. A large part of this is to inform you as our client of the dangers and common tricks, techniques and methods of those who try to harm you as our client and also remind you to use common sense and take precautions 

When buying at RadRoyal pay attention to: 
  - Fake e-mails 
  - Bank details 
  - Fake social media accounts
Fake e-mail
The criminal will contact you and pretends to be a RadRoyal employee and tries to sell you a product. The criminal will send you fake pro forma and/or invoices with incorrect bank details. 
How to check if your contacted by the criminal: 
The criminal contacts you from a non-official RadRoyal e-mail address, for example: 
- instead of (without m) 
- instead of (with -) 

We only send you e-mail from> We don’t use other names/domains! 

In case you have any doubts about an e-mail, pro forma , invoice and/or bank details please contact our support team with screenshots and brief explaination at

Bank details 

Scammers will try to convince you to pay them through bank transfer, we do NOT ask new buyers to send money through bank transfer, we only ask for bank transfer when

- You are a regular buyer

- We have held a meeting 

IWe do not ask for any bank account details through non-official emails, our official payment email is for buyers.


Social Media

At RadRoyal, we try to keep in touch with our clients and suppliers using social media for non official agreements.

If you have been contacted by someone who claims to be working for us, to confirm, please send an email to