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A Community Force


At RadRoyal, our community investment strategy is centered around strengthening communities and helping make people's lives better. We focus on contributions and partnerships with charitable organizations that reflect the priorities of our community stakeholders, align with our core values, amplify our sustainability strategy and enable us to make a positive, measurable impact.


RadRoyal and our employees provide support to 501(c)(3) non-profit and government-related organizations and agencies in the form of foundation grants, corporate contributions and sponsorships and workplace giving and volunteerism. While we will accept requests from eligible organizations across our marketing area, preference will be given to communities where the company has a significant operational and employee presence. We strategically focus community investments on three core areas where it can make a positive, measurable impact: workforce development, sustainability and thriving communities

Work Force

From engineers to pipefitters, chemists to accountants, IT specialists to welders, RadRoyals' success relies on our ability to recruit and retain employees with exceptional skills-based experience. Our goal is to invest in workforce initiatives that better prepare individuals for professional success by increasing access to high-quality educational training and career readiness resources inclusive of vocational, technical and skilled trades.


We are committed to making our communities stronger, safer and thriving places to live, work and play. RadRoyal provides funding for programs that promote the resiliency of our shared communities including helping to address basic needs, supporting youth development programs and creating opportunities for economic vitality. This also includes safety projects and efforts that help communities better prepare for, mitigate the risks of and respond to disasters, hazards and emergencies.