Political Engagement

At RadRoyal Enterprises, we view participation by the company in the public policy process as an essential part of advancing the meaningful exchange of information and views on issues affecting our company and our stakeholders.


RadRoyal Enterprises participates in the political process in a number of ways, including lobbying, grassroots activity, issue advocacy, participation in trade associations, supporting an active employee political action committee and, where lawful, the direct support of political candidates and ballot issues.  We engage on a variety of issues affecting our company and our stakeholders. As it relates to climate change, our public policy engagement is guided by our commitment to sustainability, including lowering carbon intensity of our operations and products, expanding renewable fuels and technologies, conserving natural resources, engaging stakeholders, and contributing in our communities.  We support policies that complement this strategy and the investments that continue to transform our company.

Govermental, state and local regulations govern certain aspects of corporate involvement in activities of a political or public policy nature, such as lobbying and making political contributions.  These laws and regulations contain prohibitions and limitations, detailed reporting and record-keeping requirements and enforcement provisions.  The company has established policies and guidelines to ensure compliance with these laws and regulations, and to govern its participation in the political process. The entire process is subject to oversight by our Board of Directors, general counsel and senior vice president of Government Affairs, and senior management.  

Because participation in the political process is vital to a free and democratic society, we respect the right of and encourage our employees to engage in political activities of their choosing. When engaged in personal civil and political affairs, employees do not represent the company and their views and actions are their own, and not those of the company.

In our political engagement efforts, we focus on maintaining strong refining and marketing, midstream and retail industries in the United Kingdom., continuing to meet our needs of consumers at competitive prices, and protecting the value of our shareholders’ investments.

Political Transparency

RadRoyal Enterprises’ business is heavily regulated by govermental, state and local governments.  As a result, developments in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland in the capitals of the states where we do business can significantly affect our ability to meet the need for safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable continuation of our services and products. We recognize that our public policy activities are of interest to our executive members and other stakeholders, and therefore make the voluntary disclosures found on this website.